Glamour & Grime on The Stranger

Friends, thank you to everyone who has reached out to us in this dark moment. We are saddened and shocked yet so grateful for your love. It's a bittersweet time for us as we prepare for the release of Glamour & Grime, our new EP which was entirely inspired by our encounter with Tony Bourdain and his crew, our appearance on Parts Unknown and our trip to New York that coincided with the show's air date. The man was kindred and turned on by the same things we were: movies, books, music and the sweet contrasts in life, like the dichotomy of glamour and grime. We dedicate this album to him and all those who he connected with on his journey in this plane.

Much gratitude to Dave Segal for the write up and blessing: "...their new Glamour & Grime EP (talk about a title that captures their aesthetic) continues the group's trend toward high-quality accessible songwriting and tight playing that should be saturating all the spaces in which music can be absorbed in 2018. "Marilyn Monroe" is a million-watt disco-funk dazzler that sets off serotonin explosions in your pleasure centers with poised decadence."