The Gods Themselves are a disco punk band from Seattle, WA. Formed in 2014, the foursome craft dance rock songs that evoke feelings of fascination like those aroused by the no-wave and new romantic movements in the early 1980’s.

Vocalist/guitarist Astra Elane, vocalist/bassist Dustin Patterson, keys/electronics Josh Umami and drummer Larry Joireman are long time musicians whose calling was revealed in this collaboration. Indulging in their adoration for all things glamour and grime the band fashions a sound that remixes illustrious club grooves and seductive art-punk bravado. Longing melodies and raw guitars shimmer atop disco undertones while provocative lyrics by Elane and Patterson add tales of sexual encounters and self-confidence.

TGT just announced the release of their new EP “Glamour and Grime” which hits the streets in February 2018. The five song EP comes on the heels of their 2017 album entitled “Be My Animal” featuring anti-gentrification song, “Tech Boys”. Paste Magazine says, “This track unsuspectingly crept into my head and it refuses to leave!” The catchy Seattle anthem has captured many a cheer and ear, including television personality Anthony Bourdain who invited the band to appear on his show Parts Unknown.

Check out their new single “Marilyn Monroe” out on October 31st coinciding with the new season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. In theSeattle” episode The Gods Themselves make their exciting international television debut (Airdate 11/19/17 on CNN).